Frequently Asked Questions

Some helpful reads for you to discover more what Livesports can do.
If you have questions simply hit the chat button below or contact us.

Getting Started with Livesports

How can I have Livesports for my sports organisation?

Just click here and fill out the form. Livesports is not open to public registration for security purposes. We need to confirm you are the actual owner of you league’s brand before you can use Livesports.

Livesports Websites

Do I need a web domain to use Livesports?

We recommend that our clients should use their own custom domain when they use Livesports. Any types of domains will work as long as it’s pointed properly to the Livesports servers. We suggest to  use only one domain per league e.g. can only point to one instance of Livesports.

Do I need coding knowledge to use Livesports?

Coding and web technical knowledge is a huge plus but with Livesports you don’t need these skills. If you know how to manage a Facebook Page, then Livesports is a walk in the park for you.

Can I add pages to the default Livesports website?

Certainly! You can add as many pages as you want. To do this:
1. Login to you Livesports Account.
2. Go to Dashboard. On the left sidebar click Pages.
3. Click Add New Page.
4. Fill out the popup form for the details of your page and preferred URL.

Pages could only be set per Tournament and Pages doesn’t appear directly on your app. You can then add contents as posts on the custom pages that you’ve created.

How can I get all my web data if I choose to move to other platforms?

If you choose to opt out with Livesports, you may contact us and we will send you the link to download all the files that you have added on Livesports. Take note that we will only do this for free just  once as this is a manual process. There will be  a charge of $159 + Aus GST after this.

Livesports Mobile

Can I have a mobile app even if my website is hosted with other platforms?

All the data showing on the mobile app is coming from the Livesports Dashboard. You may choose to just use your current website then just launch your app with Livesports. You can updated the contents of your app using the Livesports Dashboard.

Can I get my mobile codes if I decided to use other services?

No. Livesports is a web service not a theme or code that you can buy.  The mobile codes that runs on Livesports will only work within our platform. If you decided to move to other platform you can download all the data that you’ve uploaded and migrate it.

What mobile devices will Livesports app work?

Livesports will work on:
iOS Devices – iOS 8.0 or later
Android Devices – 4.1 or later

We continuously update our platform and apps to make sure all  Livesports Apps work. If you have issues with the apps launched using Livesports, please don’t hesitate to send us  a Support Ticket.

Billing & Payments

How can I have Livesports for my organisation?

Livesports is open to all just go here to let us know that your organisation will avail Livesports.

Focus on the sporting events, not the techy stuff

The core features of Livesports aims to take away the pain points of organising a Sports League. Launching a website and mobile app used to be an expensive part of a sports business. Those days are definitely over.